• Tecate Light

    Experience the euphoria and emotion of this stage, where the greatest and most important artists worldwide will surprise everyone to the last assistant; making Tecate Pa'l Norte the most impressive festival in Mexico.

  • Tecate Original

    An essential stage within the festival where varied rhythms, great artists and a spectacular party produce music that rises to the sky, connecting thousands of souls.

  • Telcel Fusión

    Another important stage where everything can happen: surprises, collaborations, Rock, Cumbia, Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop and many other events transform this space into an unforgettable experience for all music lovers.

  • Villa Maravilla por Tecate

    A small but special corner inside Tecate Pa’l Norte position this one as a must-visit stage. DJs and producers with great experience will create an atmosphere so magical, you’ll feel like you’re part of the show.

  • Club Social KIA

    If you’re into nonstop dancing, this stage is for you! The most recognized international DJs transform the space into an immense dance floor which vibrates like a spaceship about to take off straight into the stars.

  • Sorpresa presentado por Viva Aerobus

    When alarms ring at night, prepare to have an unforgettable moment. Twice a night, surprise acts come on this stage, performing songs that you’ll never thought you’d experience live.

  • Acústico presentado por hey, banco

    This is a great stage where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy – for once in a lifetime - your favorite artists give an intimate and acoustic show. This is an experience that you cannot miss for anything in the world because you never know if that will happen again ... or if it only happened in Tecate Pa'l Norte.

  • Hot Nuts Pilo's Bar

    The most iconic northern canteen in the city can be found in Tecate Pa'l Norte, a magical place where the greatest artists of the genre break into spontaneous songs on any given day. In this scenario some of the greatest legends of regional music come together to inspire everyone on site to stand up and dance.

  • Oasis Bacardí

    The powerful beats of the urban genre will make you sweat and vibrate your whole body with the best and selected proposals of Reaggetton, Trap, Hip Hop and Rap that you can enjoy in this special stage.

  • TecateLight
  • TecateOriginal
  • TelcelFusion
  • VillaMaravillaporTecate
  • ClubSocialKIA
  • SorpresapresentadoporVivaAerobus
  • Acusticopresentadoporheybanco
  • HotNutsPilosBar
  • OasisBacardi


  • Market

    Discover what our local producers have to offer. From unique and novel pieces, to what you didn't know you needed until you found it. Get the perfect souvenir to immortalize your visit to the festival.

  • For the Munchies

    A place offering from rich urban food to delicious gourmet dishes. Visit the most select food trucks and restaurants in the city and enjoy a wide variety of dishes at prices for every budget!

  • Dessert's Alley

    Treat your palate with this delicious tour, where you can enjoy the best desserts in the city in one place!

  • Market
  • FortheMunchies
  • DessertsAlley